We enjoy sex more at our menopause stage – Actress Joke Silva and Betty Irabor reveals

In a recent statement, popular Nollywood actress Joke Silva and media mogul Betty Irabor disclosed that contrary to general opinions, they enjoyed $ex more at their menopause stage.

62-year-old Joke Silva and other women made this known to all and sundry at the 66-year-old Betty Irabor’s tea party show on Africa Magic.

The women’s reactions come following the common saying that men are polygamous in nature and that as men grow older their needs are younger ladies compared to older women who are no more active.


Reacting to this Joke Silva and other women berate the popular opinions, as they disclose that women even enjoy intercourse more at the menopause stage.

Joke Silva said that once a woman get to the menopause stage she is even free and relaxed as there is no need to take drugs to prevent pregnancy.

This statement by Joke Silva was welcomed by other women on the show as they asserted that the benefits of $ex are enormous.

They all added that even if there is dryness at the menopause stage, they are lubricants that can be used to stimulate things so as to aid the process between both partners.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

sunlyngroup: Wetyn all these women Dey talk. So wierd.

iamyomigold: Great discussion

older women are sweeter

am sending them goat


bustlineyetunde: I think women should talk about themselves only and not generalise on this matter. I have an aunty who is well into menopause and still gets wet without lubes. And as for me, the older I get, the stronger my $ex bones


marytom_briefwoman: Men aren’t polygamous in nature. Stop enabling infidelity.

bellefleur100: I feel like this is just a woman’s point of view. If we’re keeping it

! Older women (some) are less cooperative with their husbands as they get older, and by this time most men just want to have sex and peace of mind! They font want to fight!Furthermore a man who is older has more resources available to him if he has means. He might love his wife but, a older man of means has an option of getting a younger attractive women, no wrinkles, smooth skin, firm body, everything still standing in the right place, it makes most men feel as if they are young again! Why would you want to look at an old sour face who is arguing with you all day long?? And its the truth! Btw, I didn’t say all men, and I didn’t say all women! So dont try to come for me.

josiah_japheth: I love that these conversations are held by older women, coz if it were done by younger women a lot of people will dismiss it as “modern day feminism” or worse tag them “ashawos” for openly discussing these. Love love it! Go girls!!

adanidet_hairgrowthproducts: Aww

I enjoy watching this. Even though I am no way close to menopause, I always wonder how $ex will be during menopause.

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