Single mother who built 4 houses at age 29 says society accused her of being freemason 

At 29 years of age, Petronillah Masipeti has already built four houses; one for her parents, two for herself, and one as a rental apartment.
Having been born and raised in a poor family, the single mother of one says society has always believed she is into a cult.
“People assume that once one is born into poverty, they should live and die poor, but I work hard in my businesses to make money,” she said.
A Tanzanian woman who was born in a poor family has disclosed how she was judged by the society after building four houses.

Petronillah even has two streets named after her, called Masipeti.
Petronillah Masipeti told Ayo TV that fingers started pointing at her when she built the first house for her mother in the village.

According to her, those who knew she had grown up in poverty wondered how she was able to afford a house.


“Every time I would go out to buy things, people would tell their friends to avoid me claiming I was into Freemason,” she said.

Petronillah posits that people with such kind of thinking always believe if one is born into poverty they should live and die poor.

Born in Arusha, the 29-year-old was lucky to be employed by a leading hospital in Dar es Salaam as a pharmacist shortly after graduating from the university.

Her breakthrough, however, came when she resigned from her job and got into self-employment.

“The main reason I left the profession early was that the pay was too little and I needed to do more with my life,” she disclosed.
The first house she built was for her parents, a gift she gave them in appreciation for their work towards raising her.

Let my example inspire others, Petronillah
After that she built another in Arusha, rental property in Dar es Salaam, and a fourth one which is her most favorite.

“My house and its finishing are if very high quality because I believe people should lead comfortable lives,” said Petronillah.
She waxed lyrical about how proud she is to be under 30 but leading such a high-end life and one she’s achieved genuinely.

Petronillah says that her example should inspire others who are from humble backgrounds to strive and break the yokes of poverty.

Woman builds new house for mother
Back home, a Murang’a woman who has been earning KSh 10,000 as waitress recently built her mum a lovely home after years of living in shanty.

Teresiah Kimani left her mother in absolute delight after she gifted her a new decent permanent house.

The mother of three disclosed that she achieved this milestone with her income from her job as a waitress in Nairobi.

She added that it had always been her childhood dream to build her mum a house, and she was elated to achieve the goal.

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