Nigerian gay couple marry in public glare

 A Nigerian gay couple, identified as Andrew and Tosin OJ have been united in a well celebrated marriage ceremony in faraway England, the United Kingdom.

The marriage was solemnized at a cathedral by a lady, whose identity could not be ascertained but she was wearing a white flowing gown with her hair shaved to the skin.

It was a gathering of beautiful ladies, handsome men, both white and blacks, cheering and clapping during the marriage ceremony.


Clad in black blazers with very nice bow tie, the couple expressed their affection for each other to the applause  and admiration of those in the gathering.

Gay couple, Tosin and Andrew during the marriage in England

Facing each other during the ceremony, one of the couple, who seems to be the female in the relationship said he found in Andrew everything he needs in life. For him, Andrew is the sexiest man and an embodiment of what he has been looking for in life.

“I am yours forever, in you I have found my person, my niece my ‘bestest’ friend, an embodiment of everything I will possibly ask for in a life time partner.

“I am yours forever, having you in my life in the last 10 years… regarding my faith, god is real, you complete me in every area I lack, my organizer, my MasterChef, my scenario creator and by far the sexiest man on earth”, he told his lover.

After which, the lady minister added: “ I now join you both, one to another and declare you as husband and husband. You may now kiss”, she said as the couple indulge in public show  of affection.

They have been together in the last 10 years as gay couple before this marriage and they have expressed their willingness to go public with what was hitherto a secret affair.

Relating the story of how the union started, one of the couple wrote.

“He slide into my DMs, whilst. I was in a relationship and I shut it down of course #Yorubamendontcheat. Then two months later, now single I walked into a dinner party and he was there. Ten (10) years later, we are getting married in two weeks”, Tosin wrote about the affairs on Twitter on April 12, 2023.

The law frowns against gay marriage in Nigeria just like the Holy Bible which makes it clear that homosexuals insure the wrath of God and that those who practice it will not inherit God’s Kingdom. 1 Cor. 6: 9&10.

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