“Pastors do come to me”: Nigerian Lady who dumped Christianity and now serves river goddess finally speaks

A Nigerian lady, Chinaza Adaigbo, who dumped Christianity for the water deity, has slammed Nollywood for painting water and the African tradition as evil.

Chinaza spoke at length about her water deity during an interview with popular content creator Lucky Udu.

Chinaza Adaigbo, water goddess, Winners Chapel
She said the water goddess is her God. Photo Credit: @luckyudu Source: Instagram
The former Winners Chapel church member said water has supernatural powers and has nothing to do with evil, as portrayed by people.


According to her, water is a gift from God, and she aimed a dig at Christians and Muslims, saying if water was evil, they won’t use it for baptism and washing their feet before entering their prayer centres.

Her words:

“I believe that water has supernatural power because it is a gift from the creator. It has nothing to do with evil as so many people portray.
“Now, if water is evil, why do Christians enter the river to do water baptism? Why do Muslims use water to wash their feet before entering their worship centre? It tells you that water has a supernatural power and a spiritual benefit.”
Chinaza said pastors visit her
Chinaza said when she communes and prays, she feels the presence of energy in the water. Contrary to the movies, she said they do not offer humans but livestock to the water goddess.

She also recalled how she saw herself in the water in dreams as a Christian, adding that pastors approach her for help.

Reactions on social media
@biancagreenlands said:

“I understand her points but I can’t deny that the creator is God, one and only jaweh who created both the water, sun, moon and everything on earth and beyond and can use those things to work. I can’t deny God his title and give it to things he created. For example, I’m not going to downplay the scientist that created different types of beneficial medicines for us and start thanking paracetamol for being a life saver lol. She’s doing the equivalent. It’s Jesus for me forever!”
@anti_odds said:

“Water no get enemy no be for oshimiri oh pls tell her to enter the deep part I want check something.”
@bitcoin_chief said:

“Whatever works for you as far as you Dont harm others I don’t have an issue. Oyibo say Christians should go Jerusalem and write prayers on papers and pray to a wall and it they claim it works. Muslims go to Mecca and Stone Imaginative Satan and it works for them. Me I call on Amadioha my ancestors and it works. Make everybody do him own!”

@mace_justgetrich said:

“Fear, indoctrination, shame is what is making people feel African spirituality is evil it’s not.
“Water is nature, we are a product of nature
“It’s not evil to serve nature or the Gods of your ancestors…”
@ice_queency_ said:

“It’s not to be worship.. Exodus 20:3 – 4…
“3 “You shall have no other gods before me. 4 “You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.”
Female native doctor says humans come from the water
Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that a female native doctor had spoken on the origin of humans.

According to the native doctor, most people on Earth come from water. However, her insistence on the water origin of humans has irked some people on social media as they say she needs Christ.

In an interview with Legit TV, Amarachi clarified that she is not one of those native doctors who issue poison for people to be killed. She also said she does not kill people at all.


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