“Why I am Afraid of the way my wife loves me”, 2Face makes stunning revelation about his marriage

Innocent Idibia popularly known as  2Face or 2baba has reignited interest of the public in his marriage with his recent interview in which he made a controversial remark about men ” being wired to cheat”.

His statement didn’t go down well with some of  his social media followers who felt that the music superstar is attributing his lack of self-control to everyman.

Amid the backlash that followed his statement, his wife, Annie Idibia threw herself in defense of her husband. She explained that against the popular speculations of 2Face having many children with different women that he actually has five children only with two women aside herself.


Interestingly, many have accused the actress of having blind love for her husband who has severally betrayed his matrimonial oath by being with other women some with whom he has children.

Speaking on Annie Idibia’s love for him, 2Face disclosed that he is sure his wife loves him more than he does to her. He explained that the manner she treats him is scary.

“The way my wife, Annie, loves me is scary. She shows her love even more than I do” , he said.

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