How I unleashed 8 of my Rottweiler dogs against APC thugs

In an interview with Arise TV, Tee Mac, a famous Nigerian flutist and former President of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria, recounted a story of how he utilized his eight Rottweiler dogs to defend voters against APC thugs who disrupted the voting process in Okota.

Tee Mac claimed that he received a warning from a whistle-blower in the APC camp that the thugs planned to attack Okota Ago palaceway on Election Day due to the results of the last Presidential election. Although the police prohibited dogs from being brought to the polling units, Tee Mac argued that he had to use his dogs as security guards since the police had failed to perform their duties.

On Election Day, Tee Mac received a phone call informing him that some APC thugs had attacked a polling unit on the next street. Enraged, Tee Mac gathered two of his boys and unleashed his eight Rottweiler dogs to track down the attackers.


According to Tee Mac, this was how they were able to chase away the APC thugs from the vicinity. Despite violating the police law that forbade dogs on Election Day, Tee Mac maintained that his dogs did not harm anyone and that they did what the police should have done.

Tee Mac’s story highlights the lengths to which some individuals will go to ensure the safety and security of voters during elections.

Despite the police’s failure to protect the people in his area, Tee Mac took it upon himself to use his dogs as a means of defense against the attackers. Although the use of dogs on Election Day is prohibited by law, Tee Mac’s actions demonstrate his commitment to protecting the lives and rights of voters in his community.


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