Woman who hired hitmen to k^ill her husband over insurance money sentenced to life imprisonment

A 47-year-old woman who paid hitmen R20,000 to k^ill her husband so she could cash in on insurance policies was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Mpumalanga High Court on Monday, March 13, 2023.

Phumaphi Gloria Gwebu and her husband Sipho Shadrack Dimba, 52, lived together at Msogwaba Trust with their children.

The accused pleaded guilty before the court.


In her plea explanation, Gwebu stated she took out five insurance policies for Dimba, one of which was to pay R530,000 upon his de^ath.

“She waited until the policies matured and arranged with the hitmen a few weeks before they k^illed the deceased,” National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson Monica Nyuswa said.

On December 12 2019, the hitmen entered the house during the night, as arranged, and mu^rdered Dimba.

They went straight to the bed where he was sleeping, strangled him with Gwebu present and threw his b^ody into a nearby river before fleeing.

Two days later, a passerby noticed the b^ody in the river and alerted the family. The police were called.

“The accused was arrested a year later after one of the k^illers confessed to the police and implicated her as the mastermind behind the mu^rder,” Nyuswa said.

Prosecutor advocate Eugene Mathebula told the court the mu^rder was premeditated, brutal and triggered by greed.

The court found no reason to deviate from the prescribed minimum sentence of life imprisonment.

The National Prosecution Authority, in a statement, welcomed the verdict and praises the good work done by the prosecution and the investigating team.

“We hope this sentence will deter potential offenders.” the statement added.


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