Man who lives close to Lagos ‘ghost amala joint’ recounts full story

A TikToker known as ijesaekun recently interviewed a man who stays close to an amala spot seller rumoured to be a ghost.

According to the neighbour, he has been living with the owner of the shop who is a woman for one year and 7 months.

He mentioned that at first, he tried being friends with her and her family, a boy and 2 girls with no husband, but after 2 weeks of staying together, their actions changed.


He said he noticed that they do not respond to his greetings and even that of his wife. The woman later told them point black that no one should greet them.

He stated that all of them at the shop were sleeping in the shop and he suspected it was probably due to the challenges they were facing.

He added that even their customers were not allowed to greet them as well, which did not sit well with some of them.

He further claimed that his wife at a point suspected they were ghosts, but he did not believe in that, so he did not take the statement seriously.

Then he started noticing things were off as well, such as his dogs barking at them every time it sees them.

He mentioned that the reason people think they disappeared was that no one saw them when they moved out of the shop, but he knew they left very early in the morning.

He suspects their reason for moving out was because they had not paid their electricity bills for about 2 months and other issues but they were shocked as well when they saw no one in the shop the next morning.

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