Real reason we arrested head of operations of Tompolo’s firm -EFCC

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has explained why Warredi Enisuoh, the head of operations in Tantita Security Services Nigeria Limited (TSSNL), is in its custody.

TSSNL is a private security company headed by Government Ekpemupolo, the ex-militant warlord better known as Tompolo.

On Sunday, the security outfit accused the EFCC of illegally detaining Enisuoh after he honoured an invitation by the agency.


TSSNL insisted that some influential people in the country were using the commission to stifle the action against the theft of oil resources in the country.

But on Monday, the commission said Enisuoh is in its custody over alleged money laundering, with the sum of $420,000 said to have been traced to an account owned by him.

The EFCC said it followed due process in detaining Enisuoh, adding that he is cooperating with the commission and has returned $100,000 of the said funds.

“Enisuoh is under investigation in an alleged case of money laundering involving the criminal dissipation of funds in an account held by him but which is the subject of a longstanding investigation by the EFCC,” the statement reads.

“In the course of that investigation, over $420,000, suspected proceeds of illicit activities, was traced to an account held by him.

“The commission had obtained a court order to freeze the account and preserve the funds, but Enisuoh 2018 secured an order from the court of appeal to lift the freeze order.

“A remand notice was duly filed to keep him, pending the conclusion of the investigation. He is cooperating with the investigation and has already returned $100,000 to the account.

“The commission is a critical stakeholder in the fight against oil theft and has demonstrated this by successfully prosecuting perpetrators of the such heinous crimes.

“It will therefore not take any step to frustrate the determination of the government to fight oil theft and sundry offences.”

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