2022 flood: Gully erosion cut Oleh/ Irri road

……..  As the people grown, restrictions of  movement

By Michael J. Ekokoruwe

  As the 2022 flood  gradually recede in Isoko South local government area of Delta State, the effects of gully erosion on roads has cut the Oleh / Irri road and restricted movement as the people groan in adverse difficulty.


Situation report reveal that vehicles cannot access the road, except motorcycles that navigate through an improvers constructed worden bridge that takes  motorcycle turn by turn to access.

 The situation calls for immediate attention from government and individuals as vehicles cannot access the road, just as economic life of the people has been threatened. Transportation of goods and services has been put on hold due to deep gully erosion that cuts the roads.

The devastating effect of the flood that submerged buildings, farmlands and destroyed properties worth millions of naira in the area, has affected roads with gully erosion, making life difficult for the people as the flood recede gradually.

A cross section of the people from the area lament and groan over the situation, and calls on government and philanthropists from the area to immediately repair the road and save the people from the danger it poses.

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