Omogwe Family accuses Ofagbe PG of bias over Oil money sharing formula

•             Maintain the existing status quo for now –Odio-Ologbo

•             Speed up the Intervention process — PG

By Dignity Divine


The Omogwe family had accused the president -General of  Ofagbe progress union, Mr Cyril Jeke of  bias and non-committment to the peaceful resolution reached at the Odio-Ologbo’s palace on the 4th of March 2022, where the Odio-Ologbo had directed that, the Omogwe oil family and the community leadership headed by  Mr Cyril Jeke to maintain the existing status quo, while stakeholders find a lasting solution to the “SHARING FORMULA ” of revenue accrueing from oil between the community and families of oil owners association which Omogwe family belongs.

Isoko mirror investigation discovered that, trouble started when the Omogwe family was no longer comfortable with the sharing formula being adopted by the president -General, Mr Cyril Jeke and threatened to pull out from the four (4) oil well owners families association of  Ofagbe kingdom.

According to the chairman of the Omogwe oil family, Chief Uruebor Saviour Ethe who spoke to Isoko mirror on phone, narrated that, there are four (4) oil Wells in Ofagbe kingdom, namely ; Well 6, 7, 8 and 14, stressing that Well 6 and 8 solely belonged to Omogwe family, just as, Well 14 belongs to Omogwe, Odheba, Itokpa and Anagwa families of  Ofagbe kingdom, while well 7 belonged to Osha and Osifo families also from Ofagbe kingdom.

Chief Uruebor Ethe further stated that, the Omogwe oil family, in one of the meetings had expressed their displeasure and dissatisfaction over the equal sharing formula of the money and job slots  received from the NPDC by the Ofagbe    community to the four oil owners /landlords of  Ofagbe kingdom, considering the fact that the Omogwe family owns the highest numbers of oil Wells among the four families of Ofagbe community.

Following non – adherence to the sharing formula procedure by the Ofagbe PG, the Omogwe family mobilized to well 8 on information that NPDC has started operation and the workers were politely asked to suspend work pending a resolution of the issue.

At this junction, the president -General, not comfortable with the situation, brought in hoodlums to attack the Omogwe family and if not prompt intervention of the security operatives, the matter would have led to unrest in the kingdom.

Explaining further, Chief Uruebor Ethe said, he quickly reported the matter to the Police at Asaba where the PG and some of his executive members were invited, but refused to honour the Police invitation which led to the arrest of one of his executive member, Mr Benedict Orede as the PG and others absconded.

However, on the fixed date by the Police for the resolution of the issue at Asaba, unknown to them, the PG had allegedly written a frivolous petition against the Omogwe oil family to the Assistant Inspector General of police in charge of zone 5 headquarters, Benin city and the leadership of the Omogwe oil family were arrested, but released on bail immediately after listening to the facts of the matter and both parties were asked to report back on a fixed date for amicable resolution of the issue.

Findings further revealed that, the PG sensing that the outcome of the zone   5 might not be in his favour, he wrote a letter of intervention to the Odio-Ologbo of Ofagbe kingdom, HRM Engr. Matthew Osonuwe Ikporu-Orie 11 (JP) to intervene in the matter.

The letter appealed to him to use his good office to arrest the looming crisis that is about to truncate the existing peace of the kingdom, following the lingering issue between the Omogwe oil family and the Six oil families which led to the arrest of  Ofagbe progress union PG and some members of his executive and representatives of the six oil families concerning accusations of conspiracy, fraud and forgery and OPU in turn arrested the Omogwe leadership.

The letter further urged His Royal Majesty to speed up the intervention process, so as not to throw the community into another round of chaos.

Accordingly, based on the letter, the Odio-Ologbo summoned a meeting of Ofagbe traditional ruling council (OTRC) presided over by him, where the matter was critically looked into after listening to both parties and resolved that, both parties should maintain the existing status quo pending when a lasting solution will be sorted out and warned both parties not to ignite the crisis in any form.

Findings further revealed that, on the basis of that resolution reached at the Odio-Ologbo ‘s palace, the Ofagbe traditional ruling council headed by the Odio-Ologbo wrote a letter, addressed to the Assistant Inspector general of police, zone 5, Benin city, Edo state, captioned “Re-case of conspiracy, fraudulent act, manipulation of existing records ” dated 5th of April 2022.

The letter formally informed the AIG, zone 5 about the PG request, asking him and his council to intervene on the lingering dispute the Omogwe oil family/5 other oil families and the Ofagbe progress union executive.

The letter further stressed that, in view of that request,  he and his council met with both parties on the 4th, march, 2022 and admonished both aggrieved parties to embrace peace and concluded that ” the Omogwe oil family should remain on their own for the mean time, pending more research for final solution “and requested the office of the AIG to bless and grant the decision taken so far for the settlement.

In view of the above explanation, Chief Uruebor Ethe wondered why the PG who unilaterally initiated the move to settle the issue by writing the Odio-Ologbo to intervene on the matter for amicable resolution from degenerating into further crisis, becoming the same person not abiding by the resolution reached at the Odio-Ologbo palace and at the same time boasting about his connections accros the state to deal ruthlessly with the leadership of the Omogwe oil family.

   He stressed that the Omogwe family members are law abiding citizens of the kingdom who wants the progress and development of the community and he used the medium to appeal to the president general to thread carefully in the course of discharging his duties and not create acrimony and disaffections among the people.  

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