Dr.Onoyona is a good material with capacity to lead his people – Chief Udhowo

An APC Chieftain and community leader, Chief Atanoma Udhowo, is the executive committee chairman of the Delta Youth of Today, (DYT) in the Delta South Senatorial district of the oil-rich Delta State. In this interview with …Isoko Mirror, Chief Udhowo, an astute grassroot mobiliser, philanthropist, who hails from lrri in Isoko South LGA, Delta State says Dr Sylvester Onoyona, is the candidate to beat in the 2023 Senatorial election as he bares his mind on sundry issues.


Kindly introduce yourself sir?


I am simply Chief Atanoma Udhowo, from a politician with practical understanding of politics in Delta State spanning over decades. I am a grassroot mobiliser, conflict communication specialist and team player

What is the Delta Youths of Today (DYT) all about?

Delta Youths of Today is an Association of like minds whose thematic area is to shape the political future of our people viz a viz good governance occasioned by honest and focused representation at all levels of governance. In this instance, we identify quality personalities who suit our leadership model, support him/her to actualise his/her ambition for the benefit of all. In this instance, we have identified and chosen to work with Dr Sylvester Onoyona, who has shown sufficient proof of a good leader – reliable and dependable.

What are the practical features possess by candidate Onoyona that earned him your support?

Over the years we have known Dr Onoyona as a good material with the capacity to lead his people. He has engaged in community services, humanitarian services, support for the people across board not only within the Senatorial district but to all who had come across him. We have his record of excellence in his chosen career, business and his interpersonal relationship and we are proud of him. His youthful, honest with sincerity of purpose and these features of his make him a soft sell for us. He has no moral baggage whatsoever, he has never held any position in government yet, he has done well in empowering and alleviating our people from poverty. Onoyona is our chosen candidate.

The National Convention, who did Dr Onoyona ask you to support,any assurance that Dr.Onoyona will win the APC Primaries?

Dr Onoyona didn’t give us instruction to support anyone but we shall toe the path of our political party – All Progressives Congress, APC. Where the party leadership is going is definitely our way.

He is the most popular among all, and as it stands, he may earn the ticket in a unanimous decision because he has no formidable opposition. Dr Onoyona is the man with the midas touch, his constituents across divides know this. The Isoko, Urhobo, Ijaw and Itsekiri who are the main tribes in the Delta South Senatorial district have already adopted Dr Sylvester Onoyona, as their candidate.

How do you rate past Senatorial district representation?

Below average! The Delta South Senatorial district has been perpetually undermined in the scheme of infrastructural development in the past owing to non-availability of cash and carry politics played by those who masquerade as leaders of our people. At all levels of representation, our people have been neglected, badly marginalised and long forgotten because rather than attract Federal Government projects to the areas our ignoble representatives go for contracts to acquire properties all over the place at the detriment of both human and material developments. With enormous wealth of natural resources in the Delta South Senatorial district, we have nothing to show for it.

Do you think Dr.Onoyona can change the narratives?

The difference will be crystal clear with Dr Onoyona as our Senator May 29, 2023 going forward because we trust him. He has promised us mass housing project and being a successful investor in the estate management. Onoyona told us he will show us how possible his impactful representation in the red chamber of the National Assembly would be.

He promised us massive empowerment and employment for our Youth population, not less than 20000 housing units of low cost estate in the district taking advantage of the FG investment in that sector of the economy. Poverty alleviation is one of his major thrusts as we give him our mandate in 2023 to represent us at the Senate. Capacity building for our people according to his promise will be in the front burner and you know as well as I do, that we need to build capacity for our youths to not only meet up with the growing trend of job creativity but to also make them employable in the labour market. Additionally, the DYT engages in talent hunt for members in our bid to unlock the latent potentials of our youths and that remains one of our thematic areas. Our aim is to grow a youth population that will be self sufficient to enable then actualise their dreams and be less vulnerable for use by our political jobbers who harvest the negatives in our body polity to harm the youths in their questionable desires.

Are you saying your Association believe in Dr Onoyona to deliver on his promises?

Yes, we believe in all his promises because he is a gentleman with outstanding records of integrity and accountability to the people. We have implicit confidence in his person and capacity to fulfill promises. Therefore, he is a candidate to trust. On this note, we the people are not interested much in political parties but in personalities and what they represent. We won’t allow political bugeoises deceive us anymore; we are taking the destiny of our Senatorial district in our hands and our votes must count in 2023 going forward.

Do you think other members of the block will vote an Isoko candidate?

Why not? We have good relationship with everyone in the district and have supported them for a long time and they shall vote to elect Dr.Onoyona as a payback time for the Isoko bloc. The Delta South constituent members are not greedy people, they are good neighbours with understanding and strength in our diversities. We are one and we have live together. Onoyona is a candidate for all.

How do you intend driving the process of mandating Onoyona to represent you in the Senate?

Our association has adopted the Jehovah Witness of House-to-house and door-to-door model of campaign. We have unleash our members on the people, for massive mobilisation, enlightenment and education on why Dr Onoyona should be supported and subsequently mandated at the polls to represent us in the red chamber. We use the media, the people, direct contact with the people…to campaign for the man in whom we trust- Dr Onoyona.

We had also educated the people on the need to take advantage of the Continuous Registration Exercise by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC to embolden them to take their electoral decision and our votes must count. So, all of this are what we are doing to ensure that our Candidate wins nomination first and subsequently his election at the poll in 2023 General elections.

What’s your view on the newly amended law on electronic transmission of results by the INEC recently signed by the President?

For us at the Delta Youth of Today, we are happy that the constitution ammendment committee of the Senate ably led by our own DSP Ovie Omo-Agege, successfully made it happen after years of being in the woods. If given teeth to bite, that segment of the Constitution will birth a new order in our national life as it concerns good governance because the people will have the latitude to choose leaders of their choice. The poples’ votes will count for the first time and Delta State in particular for the very first time will genuinely democratise in 2023. We had suffered denials in the past because votes of electorates never counted that’s why you see we are backward because usupers of power parades our political space. No more voted from ghosts in the riveting areas where bogus votes were perpetually announced by fraudulent poilliticians. The new electoral laws, if made the standard for our elections will birth a new beginning for our nation.


We present our brand, Dr Sylvester Onoyona, to the good people of Delta south senatorial district. He is best and the man to beat. He has the wherewithal to give us good representation in the senate. We are stakeholders and not mere supporters in Dr Sylvester Onoyona, Delta South Senatorial Project, he is our best candidate.

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