Tears as another bullying victim left unconscious in Catholic school

Information reaching Naija News House says that there was serious Tears As Another Bullying Victim Left Unconscious In Catholic School

A grade four student in Sacred Heart Primary School has been left unconscious after he was bullied by his seniors at the school owned by a Catholic Church.

It was gathered that the boy was bullied by seniors a night before the day he was supposed to testify in a case of sexual perversion among pupils.


Authorities of the school in Zimbabwe in their reaction have claimed that the boy tried to commit suicide.

The father of the grade four boy, however, has withdrawn his child from the school.

According to the Chronicle, the boy after he was taken for treatment at United Bulawayo Hospital, a doctor claimed that he had suffered very serious injuries and that severe force was employed to inflict the injuries on him.

A further report had it that the boy was brutalized by Grade seven pupils while planning to testify in an investigation into sexual relations among pupils at the boarding school.

The seniors allegedly blindfolded, assaulted, and tied shoelaces on the neck of the boy, before throwing him out of a window, as he lost his consciousness.

The father of the boy said, “I was shocked when I was told that my child tried to commit suicide.

“This occurred as he was supposed to testify the following Monday in a case involving claims that some pupils were having sexual relations. But that wasn’t to be as he was attacked on Sunday.

“When I quizzed him (son), he said he never tried to commit suicide using shoelaces.

“He told me that he was attacked by a group of Grade Seven boys who blindfolded him using socks and took him to a window where one of them pushed him outside. He said his son told him that he tried to call his friend to help him.

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