Blockage of Oleh major road over Jumat prayers is absurd

It has become very ambiguous to note recently that the major road leading to Oleh major town has become a place of worship by our Muslim brothers and sisters from the north on every Friday, thereby reducing economic activities across the Isoko nation which had never been experienced before, because of the blockage.

Yes it is very clear that “Nigeria” is a secular state where every individual is allowed to practice any faith (Religion) of his/her choice as enshrined in the constitution, but that does not suggest others should be disturbed and deprived of their legitimate means of livelihood.

We want to appeal to the executive chairman of Isoko south council, Hon. Victor Asasa and other stakeholders to immediately look into the issue raised with the view of finding a solution to it, as feelers across the Isoko nation suggest that the Isoko People are not comfortable with this current development of blocking a major road of the headquarters of Isoko nation visitors.


It is very crystal clear that unity is the dynamic force behind the success of any great venture, meaning unity brings about wide consultations and end up with a thorough deliberation without dissent voice.

Therefore, there is need for all Isoko stakeholders to come together to take a collective decisions that will bring about positive development across the entire Isoko nation

The Ooni of Ife, had said recently that “leaders should be pro-active and live by example”

Pro-activeness of leaders in situations like this helped to nip crisis of magnitude from escalation in the bud as it prevents evil skeletons from rearing their ugly heads.

Therefore, we want to use this medium to appeal to you again, Hon. Victor Asasa to passionately look into the issue raised above.

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