Woman kidnaps teenager for hubby to impregnate

A 46-year-old woman has been arrested for kidnapping a 17-year-old girl after which she handed her over to her husband to defile.

 According to police reports, the woman kidnapped the teenager from her parents.

 The suspect identified as Mary unlawfully confined the teenager so she could conceive for her spouse.


Mary’s evil deed came to light after Children’s rights activists, who after getting a ti-off of her actions stormed the house  and rescued the teenager.

“Neighbours said they heard the teenager screaming, and when they entered the suspect’s house, they found the woman’s husband s*xually penetrating the minor, who was a virgin. The abduction suspect, who was present when the defilement was taking place, was the one holding the girl’s legs apart and pinning her down on the bed. Locals found blood flowing from the girl’s private parts,” said a rights activist.

Some residents also said Mary has previously kidnapped five underage girls with a similar motive.

“None of the girls she previously abducted under the guise that she would offer them a job at her home conceived for her spouse,” said a neighbor.

The woman and her husband have since been arrested with the victim currently receiving treatment.

Police say Mary will be charged with kidnapping of the minor.

“We might also charge her with child s*x trafficking once investigations are concluded,” said Chesire.

Mary’s husband, on the other hand, stares at spending at least 15 years in jail should he be arraigned and found guilty of defilement.

Mary and her spouse, Makotsi, who have been married for at least 20 years, have been unable to get children.

It is said that people will marry so many years without a child, but to forcefully let sometime be your surrogate is unacceptable.

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