Coronavirus: Police arrests hospital owner for issuing thousands fake results

According to reports by reports, the medical practitioner has issued negative Coronavirus test results to thousands of people in the city at his hospital without conducting a true test on them.

Policemen have arrested a hospital owner in Bangladesh, the East side of India for allegedly issuing thousands of fake Coronavirus test results to patients.

According to reports by Newsmen, the medical practitioner has issued negative coronavirus test results to thousands of people in the city at his hospital without conducting a true test on them.

Advertisements learnt that the clinic owner whose name is given as Mohammad Shahed, was arrested on Wednesday, July 15 while attempting to flee the city. It was reported that security operatives had launched a nine-day manhunt on Shahed and other people suspected of related crimes.

Confirming the report, a Police official told newsmen that owner of the Regent hospital which is located in Dhaka, was nabbed at while attempting to flee India yesterday.

In the same, another medical practitioner was also arrested alongside her husband for the same crime at her laboratory in Dhaka.

Speaking on Shahed’s arrest, spokesperson of the India Police Rapid Action Battalion, Colonel Ashique Billah said; “He was arrested from the bank of a border river as he was trying to flee to India. He was wearing a burqa,”

“His hospitals carried out 10,500 coronavirus tests, out of which 4,200 were genuine and the rest, 6,300 test reports, were given without conducting tests,” Billah added.

The Colonel disclosed further that the culprit was as well accused of charging his patients for the Coronavirus certificates and treatment despite agreeing with the government that service to patients will be free at his clinic.

In another news, reports that the daughter of South Africa former President, Nelson Mandela, Zindzi Mandela, tested positive for Coronavirus before her death.

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