INYA election: don’t dare to circumvent the constitution, Erics Warri warns BOT, Grand Patron

……..plan to hand pick delegates by BOT, Grand Patron reasons for the dissolved electoral committee

By Kelvin Ohoror

A renown activist Comrade Warri Erics has warned the new electoral committee not to dare circumvent the Constitution to screen any aspirant out on the ground of the unwritten zoning done by the board of trustee members to suit their interest, stating that, it is unconstitutional and will be challenged in the law court.


According to Comrade Warri the BOT must uphold the Constitution to do the lucky dip as the Constitutional process of picking the delegates and not hand pick the delegates from the clans or select those that will participate in the exercise.

“We are aware they have all compromised even from the very first day they attempted doing primary election for seven presidential aspirants in uzere. So much money exchanged hands. This will also be resisted seriously and legally”

He also posited that, Clans without BOT members like Onogbokor, Ibrede and Okugbe-isoko should have their representatives recommended by the traditional rulers and/or IDU President in such areas and not the type of money mongers that were suggested to and hand-picked by the Grand patron to rig election through those areas.

“The Grand patron must be fair not to appoint the next electoral committee chairman from the clan of any presidential aspirant. That will be tantamount to rig for or against the candidate if he is not the choice of the Grand patron and his appointed electoral committee chairman”.

He further said that I.D.U must not write to recognize whosever that will be appointed by the Grand patron as if the “kill and divide” approach is not encouraged, it will Fastrack the process of conducting free, fair and credible election in line with the Constitution.

He also reiterates that, “We are watching keenly how that paragraph under the item 4 will be abuse to take a decision against our collective interest that is in the Constitution. Nobody has the right to call an extraordinary meeting to circumvent the Constitution after the failed attempt by the BOT members to handpick delegates which was resisted by the electoral committee and was one of the major reasons it was dissolved”.

The time for isoko Youths to stand tall and challenge the perpetrators once and for all is now! It is not an issue of the aspirants but of us all as a people, adding that the time for Isoko youths to wake up

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