NNU: A plea for peace

A press statement by the Caretaker Committee of Ndokwa Neku Union
The NNU Caretaker Committee in continuationof its mandate of ensuring that all interest/pressure groups, youth organizations, community leaders and Associations in the NNU are in harmony, has embarked on a fence-mending mission of consultation and discussions. The committee therefore urges all to eschew acrimony and think Ndokwa first.
In furtherance of this objective, the Caretaker Committee calls on the Okolugbo electoral Committee to put a hold on any sale of forms for NNU election, because no election can hold in the midst of NNU crisis and the ravaging Covid-19 pandemic. It therefore requests the Okolugbo committee to cause another publication to the effect that the proposed sale of forms has been shelved for now.

The Committee is aware of several publications in both print and social media castigating/insulting Ndokwa sons and daughters and is of the view that it is inappropriate and will negate efforts at resolving the crisis. It therefore calls on all to sheathe their swords and think of a way forward.
The committee has also observed that several interpretations have been given to the legality or otherwise of the 2013 or 2019 (amended) constitutions: tenure of BOT; Caretaker committee; Electoral committee; and the June 27 meeting at Emu-Uno etc.
It is of the opinion that these interpretations will worsen the situation hence the ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION is the way out. And this is the instrument the committee intends to use to settle all differences and enable peace and love return to NNU. The committee therefore calls on all Ndokwa sons and daughters to embrace the alternative dispute resolution, which calls for dialogue and peaceful resolutions.

No one group or persons can arrogate to themselves the authority to resolve the crisis; it can only be resolved by dialogue involving all stakeholders. The committee shall be reaching out to all stakeholders in due course with a view to finding a common ground for uniting NNU in order to fight the injustice of:


Deprivation of the benefit of oil and gas;
Failure of Aboh Poly to take off;

Poor state of Kwale Campus of the School of Marine Technology;

Lack of roads linking Ndokwa riverine communities and shore protection; and

Appointment into the NDDC Board.

The Caretaker Committee therefore calls on Ndokwa sons and daughters to come
up with progressive contributions and materials that will enhance the work of the
committee and put NNU on a sound footing for our overall collective interest.

Ani Ndokwa ba nma nma

Dr Ogalanya Tabs Tabowei

Chief (Bar) Emmanuel O. Uti

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