Soldier Vanessa Guillen was ‘bludgeoned to death with hammer in armory, chopped up with machete and encased in concrete’

Family attorney Natalie Khawam said the 20-year-old was beaten so badly that officials had trouble using dental records to identify her since her teeth were smashed up.

Guillen went missing on April 22

The soldier’s remains were found about 20 miles from Fort Hood


The Fort Hood soldier, who went missing on April 22, had to be identified through strands of her hair, Kwaham said.

Private first class Guillen was last seen at a parking lot at the US Army base in Texas.

Her family announced Wednesday that human remains that were found in concrete near the Leon River in Bell County, roughly 20 miles east of Fort Hood, on Tuesday were her remains.

Military officials said they identified two suspects — another soldier and a civilian — in her disappearance, but the soldier shot himself and died after they tried contacting him.

A Guillen family attorney identified Aaron Robinson as a suspect

Cecily Aguilar is suspected of being involved in Guillen’s death

Aaron Robinson, who Kwaham identified as the soldier who killed himself, was allegedly spotted in the armory parking lot on the day Guillen disappeared.

She said that Robinson’s girlfriend, Cecily Aguilar – who is the estranged wife of another Fort Hood soldier – is also suspected of being involved.

The attorney is claiming that Guillen confronted Robinson over the alleged affair he was having while in the armory room, and an argument broke out. Robinson allegedly told Guillen she would not ruin his military career, grabbed a hammer and bludgeoned her to death.

Kwaham alleges that Robinson then used a machete to hack the soldier’s body to pieces before encasing parts of her in cement.

It was reported yesterday that before she disappeared, Guillen had told her family she was being sexually harassed by her superior on the Army base.

Khawam said Guillen didn’t feel comfortable reporting the harassment, as she didn’t feel safe, KHOU reported.

She recalled one apparent incident during which Guillen “was taking a shower and [her superior] walked in on her and sat down.”

“She was creeped out — as one would be.”

Khawam said that superior who walked in on her in the shower as the soldier who died by suicide – Robinson.

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