We rob from house to house pretending to be Jehovah witness preachers, men confesses

Two pastors were arrested by men of the nigerian police in akawibom eket local government precisely, the confessed the pretend to be Jehovah withness Preachers but uses that opurtunity to rob once the gain entrance into your house.

The Two Young men were arrested in a house in eket when the tried robbing the man and his family in a sunny afternoon of Friday pretending to be preachers, but carrying guns inside their bags

After series of interrogations one of them confessed the have been moving from all part of the state deceiving people to be preachers from the popular known church Jehovah withness, they told the police the will pretend and knock your gate as if the want to preach once you open your gate the start preaching before pointing a gun at you the rob you of all the money you have.


According to them the have been on the business for a long time before we ran into the hands of the security agancy, we only rob but we don’t kill our victims, we saw this idea as the only means we can use to penitrate people’s houses.

They 2 men are in the police custody waiting to be sentence to court for them to face the law.

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