Lady becomes rich after impregnating herself with a stolen used condom by a millionaire

The lady whose name is Jane was 30 years old when she stole a used condom from a then 24 years old tech millionaire’s hotel garbage can. She inserted the semen into her vagina and became pregnant with a baby boy, who is currently 4 years old.

During the child support hearing, Jane confessed to never having intercourse with the young millionaire and that she impregnated herself with his sperm while she was cleaning his room.

She said “he left his bank statement on the nightstand in the hotel room and I saw it, and at that time I wanted a baby so bad and I thought it would be better if I had a baby with a rich man”.


Paternity test proved the man as the father, and the court ordered him to pay her $2million for the 3 years that he was not in the child’s life.

Jane quit her cleaning job at the hotel and went into a few businesses with her new found wealth. She also won custody of her child.

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