15th Year Anniversary of Isoko Mirror

By Debra Akudo

WE are determined to nurture a grassroots newspaper rooted in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria, while focusing on our policy objectives: “Watchdog of the grassroots”. This is a true eagled-eye watch within the ambit of the two local government areas (i.e Isoko North and Isoko South) that the Isoko people of Delta state fall into. This basically shall be achieved via educating, informing, mobilizing and entertaining Isoko indigenes all over the world with events from the area and other parts of the world.

As a monthly community publication, though with the intention of publishing weekly after sometime, our emphasis shall not be only on local topics but also critical articles and opinion on philosophy, literature, religion, medicine, law, economics, politics, sports, health, entertainment and so on.


Our target audiences are predominantly true indigenes that make up Isoko land, both at home and in diaspora. All other settlers and inhabitants of Isoko land, irrespective of tribe, also fall within the scope of this newspaper. The idea is to Mirror Isoko land and its rich cultural heritage to the outside world and the outside world to Isoko land. It is also about celebrating the indigenes, their lives, sorrows, love and general experience both at home and abroad.
Isoko Mirror is positive in form, objective and in outlook. It shall scorn at negative and obnoxious policies and celebrate good ones. In our attempt to criticize, effort shall be made to hear out all interested parties. Thus, it is stripped of all propagandist tendencies.

Isoko Mirror derives its impetus from the fact that attempts by a few community based newspapers in the past have not reflected the true yearnings and aspirations of the average Isoko indigene. A number of events in Isoko land and the views of its leaders even in highly controversial political or economic issues of the day are yet to be accorded their rightful place in the minds of the public, via the newspaper medium.
This newspaper therefore seeks to demonstrate that responsibility of community journalism and it could permeate all aspects of human life and politics as a way of bringing about a positive change in the socio political and economic situation of Isoko land and the entire Delta.

We believe that if we succeed in extolling the virtues of Isoko indigenes against the backdrop of moral decadence, social injustice, lawlessness, and upheavals among the youth, debauchery and general corruption and it will also succeed in mirroring Isoko land fearlessly and boldly, and perhaps in highlighting the positive contributions of Isoko indigenes particularly the grassroots to the Nigerian nation, then we would have acted as a true WATCHDOG OF THE GRASSROOT
So far, we believe we have tried our best to be on our toes in fulfilling our missions even as we have been battered, abused and mocked. All these made us stronger to face the challenges to strive.
Kudos to our Board of Directors and Legal Advisers, Barr. C. A. Duku and Barr. John Urete.

We cannot do without appreciating some individuals and companies who has made us thick and proud, they are: Late Chief James Ekpre Otobo, Chief Rex Azere, Chief Mrs Janet Ofo (PhD), Mr Opa Williams, CSP Robinson Eregare (Rtd), HRM Captain Frank Okworakpo (Odio-Ologbo of Okugbe Isoko Kingdom, Bayelsa state), Hon. Prosper Nwaguezo, Hon Eta Enahoro, Comrade Joseph Evah, Barr Chief Andrew Oru, Mr Longley Evru, Sir Simon Uchenunu (Planet Press), Chief Lucky Esigie (ESCO Super Stores), Chief Augustine Owah, Chief Dr Ben Oheri, Barr. (Chief) Jonathan Arausi (IC-Global Microfinance Bank), Hon Mrs. Catherine Ilolo, Mr. Felix Idama, Mr. Amos Iwary, Dr Isaac Ejebe, Chief Ogbemure M. Imene (Urhobo Voice Publisher), Chief Victor Omuabor (Publisher PSR Magazine), Mr Suliaman Jimoh (Publisher The Commoners), Mr Anthony Ebule M. (Publisher Freshangle News International), Barr Mrs Mary Erijo, Prince Samuel Ogrih, Barr. Miakpo Emiaso, Barr. Anthony Ejumejewho, Prof. Sam Aghalino, Chief Godwin Awoso and Hon Joel Thomas Onowakpo.

A very big thank you to our columnists, avid readers, advertisers, vendors and to those who have supported us spiritually and financially.
Without you we will not be here. Thanks for being with us from inception. God bless you all.

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