Jungle justice: Man burnt alive in Ughelli main market for trying to use sales girl for ritual

A 45 years old delta state man was yesterday burnt alive in ughelli main market in delta state for trying to use street hawking 12 years old girl for rituals.

The whole market was alarmed when the girl started screaming from inside the man’s shop and the youths and market women starting hitting the door of the shop which was locked from the inside, on hearing the shouting and constant barking on the door by the market youths, the man fled through the bad door of the shop and when they finally breaker the door, the man has already made away with one of the little girls breast and she was quickly rushed to the hospital.

Some of the market youths main while went after the man on bike and was able to catch him and they immediately put motor tyre around his neck and pour some petrol on him and set him fire and everybody watch and sweared on him as he helplessly begged for mercy.


Before the police could get there, it was already too late as the fire was burning furiously.

This makes me to wonder, it is due to the hardship in the country or some people don’t want to work at all and get quick money? Hope this be a lesson to every other person thinking of doing such evil act.

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