Man stabs friend to death over N100 debt

A debt of N100 led to a fight between two friends, Wednesday night, leaving one of them dead in White Sand area of Badia, a slum in Apapa-Iganmu Council Area of Lagos.

Vanguard learned that the deceased, identified simply as White London, took a loan of N1,100 from his friend Emma.

He was said to have paid N1,000 Wednesday night, with a promise to pay N100 balance next week.


However, trouble started after Emma, who is an attendant in a brothel, insisted on collecting the N100 balance from White London that night.

Entreaties by their mutual friends to give White London time to pay the balance fell on deaf ears, as Emma was said to have prevented his friend from leaving that spot.

The fight
An argument, which degenerated into a fight ensued, during which White London, who owed the debt, according to eyewitnesses, smashed a bottle on the ground and stabbed Emma in the head.

In retaliation, he (Emma), was said to have picked a broken bottle with which he stabbed his friend in the neck, causing him to slump.

One of their friends, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said: “Perhaps he could have survived the attack had he been rushed to the hospital on time.
“He died on the spot and everybody fled. But members of the Oodua Peoples Congress, OPC, apprehended Emma and handed him to policemen at Badia Division.”

Though Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Elkana Bala, could not be reached for comments, Police sources hinted that investigation into the incident had started.

Sources further informed that the scene of the fight over debt was a haven for criminal activities.

“That area is a haven for criminals and prostitutes, who also serve as armourers and drug dealers. Raids have been carried out there several times, but they keep returning to the spot,” the police sources said.

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