Crippled beggar fights Pastor for healing him, thereby ending his begging career

It was a scene to behold Wednesday afternoon in Ikeja, Nigeria when a crippled beggar fought mercilessly with a pastor for healing him without his consent.

Prince Edet, a 25-year-old cripple who has been in the begging business for the past 15 years due to his disability was very furious, hailing all sorts of insults and curses on the pastor for what he termed ‘invasion of privacy’ and ‘unlawful healing without consent.’

According to the healed cripple, begging has been his only source of income since age 10. His 5-bedroom house was built from the proceeds of the begging business, according to him.


He said he, therefore, found it disrespectful for a pastor from nowhere to use just seconds to heal him, thereby cutting off his source of income.

“I don’t know this man from anywhere. I was doing my regular business when he came close. I asked him for money which he said he had none. So he said ‘I command you in Jesus’ name to walk.’ All of a sudden I could feel I was healed so I tried standing up and here I was walking.”

Even though this is supposed to be good news, Prince says he doesn’t see it as such. According to him, he doesn’t want to waste his precious time working in an office or wherever it is to be receiving meager salary because the begging business, to him, is very lucrative and requires less effort.

“This is a complete invasion of privacy and unlawful healing without my consent. At least, first, tell me you want to heal me so that I ask you to give me some 3 months to intensify the begging and make more cash during that period. You just come from nowhere and heal someone just like that. Who does that? I am extremely angry by such disrespectful behavior,” Prince angrily said.

The pastor promised to help him secure a job but the ‘mafia’ beggar said no, he would like the pastor to turn him back into a cripple.

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