Commotion as pastor and imam switched wife

After reportedly catching each other’s wife on the act , countless of time The both religion clergy decided to switch there wife at the customary court at Erin Osun , Osun state .

The pastor and the imam came with there divorce case to the customary court of Erin Osun on Friday , to dissolve there marriages ,

The both clergy who already made children in there but marriages came to the courthouse, After the imam complained of catching his wife in the pastor house and also the pastor also caught his wife at the imam out .


The imam made it known to the court that it is not once he would catch his wife coming out of the pastor’s house which is beside his own house , The pastor also claimed that his wife who is a mother of two talks about how friendly the imam his and also how he always catch her sneaking out of the imam house

After they were both asked what they believe there wives was doing at each other place , the pastor claimed that the imam wife only came to seek counsel about her business and how to take care of her family and also about how demanding her husband can be .

The imam also made it known that the pastor wife only came over to him cause he helped her home when she was coming from the market and she only came to him to thank him for the favor that was rendered to her and that there was nothing attached to it .

The both wives who seems to be uneducated were asked about there choice and they both said they are ready to switch there husband and start a new family

The wives made it know to the court that they both love each other husbands and they are ready for the switch in marriages

After listening to all this the presiding judge decided to give them time to think about what they really want and adjourned the case till 27/01/2020

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