Meet Mark Babatunde – The only African in the coldest part of the world.

Babatunde Mark lives in a rural village called Oy in Khangalassky District, located in Yakutia, the coldest place in Siberia, Russia. It’s Capital, Yakutsk, is the coldest city in the world.

Babatunde’s life changed when he met his wife-to-be, a Yakutia girl called Natalia. The two met while studying in China, later got married and had two kids before moving back to her hometown to be closer to her family.

According to him he was initially worried about the cold saying “The cold was the worst thing. I wasn’t used to living like the people do here.” He was also worried about being the only African in the area. “ I was curious, nervous and a little afraid; I feared people might not accept me.” To his surprise he was warmly received by the people who still shower him with gifts, according to Vesti News a Russian TV channel. “It was not what I expected, it was nice m he said”.


He also got an invitation to a local English club where he met the director of a school who offered him a job. “ They invited me to join a seminar because English is an official language in Nigeria.” “ I was at a school in a village, and they said, “will you be interested in teaching Chinese here?”“ I never expected anybody to hire me to teach Chinese there”.

He now has three kids with Natalia and teaches Chinese and English at the Oiskaya secondary school “Most of my students have not traveled out of their region. They are very interested in China, Nigeria and about other country. My students are very intelligent very well cultured and have good manners. I relate to them as if they were my own children “.

Russian news outlets report that he is adored by his pupils, who say “he is a great teacher and person”

He is currently sharing his experience with the world

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