How Winners Chapel members escaped death from herdsmen

The family of Atewogboye who live in Efab Esatate, Lokogoma had great plans for the New Year. On Sunday 29th December, they had gone straight from their church, Living Faith (aka Winners Chapel) to Deo-Agoz Photo Studio in the same Lokogoma area to have a family shoot. Unfortunately, there was no space for them for the photo shoot, so they went home to prepare for the New Year.

As the family packed their things in preparation for the New Year season, which they planned to spend in Ibadan, they talked about previous journeys to the South-West and how they had escaped a few armed robbery attacks on the way.

Daniel, their chubby and good natured 10-year-old grimaced as he remembered one terrible experience where they escaped by the whiskers when armed robbers shot at their tyres and how they almost had an accident if the driver managed to maneuver the vehicle away from the scene of the attack.


As a praying family, who in fact hold the weekly Saturday Home Cell Fellowship of the Winners Chapel in their house, they prayed and committed the journey ahead in to the hands of God.

On the 30th of December, two days to the New Year, the family set out in two vehicles for Ibadan. The head of the family, a Yoruba businessman and his Ibo wife, a nurse at the Federal Medical Centre, Abuja, their first son, Daniel, their one-year-old baby and Favour, a member of the family were in the Tundra truck, driven by the father of the house.

The second car was driven by a member of the family with the other two children in the car as well as other family members. At some stage, the second car overtook the Tundra and went out of sight.

As they journeyed on, Daniel was playing a computer game in the car while his dad was in a light discussion with his wife while concentrating on the road. Suddenly, they saw a herd of cattle crossing the road around Okene road in Kogi State. It was 2.00pm and it was not too far from palace of the place of the traditional leader of Okene.

The father of the house braked stopped to allow the cattle cross the road. His wife was even showing the little baby cows when they saw the herdsmen (three in number) point sophisticated guns at them. On realizing that they were about to be robbed or kidnapped, the man put the vehicle in reverse, that was when he realized that there were more armed men behind them.

He took the baby from his wife and made a dash for the bush and he was followed by gunshots. Daniel who was too shocked to move was hit in the head, the little baby was hit in some parts of his body and a bullet got the wife in the hand and her thigh.

As they were fighting for their lives, another car drove to the scene and the occupants were badly shot. The armed herdsmen took money, food and drinks from the Atewogboye family. The other victims were too injured to be able to be of any use to them.

Miraculously, none of the Atewogbola family died. Bullets have been extracted from Daniel, his mum and Favour and they are all in stable conditions. Although Daniel is still in ICU.

Members of the Living Faith Church, Lokogoma and staff of the Federal Medical Centre have been visiting the victims and offering prayers.

N.B: Policemen at the Okene Police Station were helpful in getting help to the victims.

FunkyAlhaja is written by Adeola Agoro, a studio owner and neighbor of the armed robbery victims. Please follow, share, like and comment.

Nigeria shall have peace soon.

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