Woman, bites off neighbour’s, finger for reporting her to husband

A resident of Ibidun Street, Ikotun, Lagos State, Mrs Priscilla Awuzie, has yet to come to terms with the reality that her right thumb is gone.

It was learnt that the woman lost the finger to a neighbour, one Mrs Taiwo, who reportedly gave her a bite during a scuffle.

It was gathered that trouble started between the duo on Monday, October 27, when Taiwo intruded in a discussion between Awuzie and another neighbour, Mrs Ronke Adewale.


Adewale, who marked her 65th birthday the previous day, had collected the key to the compound gate from Awuzie to move in canopies and chairs she used for the party.

It was learnt that Adewale misplaced the bunch of keys Awuzie gave her, comprising the gate key as well as the ones to her room and a store where a pumping machine used in the compound is kept.

They were reportedly discussing how to sort out the issues when Taiwo overheard them and demanded that water should be pumped as soon as electricity was restored.

Awuzie explained,
“Mama (Adewale) begged me and offered to buy a new gate key. I told her that the keys contain my house key and the key to the store where we keep pumping machine. I said by the time power was restored, we would need to pump water. She (Taiwo) started intruding and I challenged her for gossiping.

“Around 7pm, the power was restored and my daughter and I went to put on the pumping machine. As we were going, she started abusing us. I met her husband at the gate and was reporting her wife to him. She suddenly came and gave me a blow in the mouth.

“My daughter cautioned her. She pounced on her too and started beating her. I tried to stop her and before I knew it, she held my hand and bit off my thumb.”

The case was reported at the Ikotun Police Station and Taiwo was arrested.

Church members of the suspect reportedly pleaded with Awuzie for settlement and offered her N250,000.

“I asked them to give me N1m to do plastic surgery. The policeman in charge of the case begged me to accept N250,000. They wrote an undertaking and they gave me N100,000. That was last Friday. They promised to complete the payment before December 26.

“On Monday, the policeman called me that the woman reported me for posting the picture of my finger and her picture on Instagram. Meanwhile, I didn’t post any pictures. Many people took pictures of the incident that day.”

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