Igbe footballers pleads with Ekele

Comrade Alaska Ekele

By Owho Warri

A delegation of Igbe football team has met with Comrade Alaska Ekele recently to know if the second edition of Igbe Football Tournament will hold in December and to know if there will be additional club.
While responding, Comrade Alaska Ekele had pointed out that he decided to steer clear because people are beginning to use the tournament to accuse him of using the tournament to enrich and make himself popular so as to stop him to ensure that the CDC and another committee will take charge of organizing the tournament, stressing that no one will hear all these hearsay and still want to come out to organize a competition that is supposed to be a fun-fare.

Ekele noted that it was in the spirit of unity that he named it the Igbe Football tournament otherwise he has the prerogative to name it Ekele Football tournament as it was his brain child, stating that his newspaper has enough channel to give him publicity.

Igbe footballers

However, the boys having confirmed all the unfounded stories pleaded with him to deafen his ears to side talks. “It is glaring that the enemies are at work”. They said no right thinking person will allege that he is enriching himself with the tournament when he devoted his money, time and carried everybody along to ensure that everything went well.” Somebody must start something and if the people see it as a good thing they key into it. The electricity we are enjoying today, the cars we are riding, the television we are watching, the football game we play etc. were invented by people. So please remove your mind from those idle talks because the people making all these insinuations and allegations have nothing to contribute or offer the community. “.

“We have confidence in you. The reason we have come to plead with you. The moment anybody or group of persons stop you from organizing the tournament we have the option to play or not to play”. They urged him to reach out to sons and daughters if they will be willing to add to the existing four clubs- Obadoni FC, Ogwu FC, Agha FC and Ekele FC.
Without mincing words, Alaska Ekele thanked the players for trusting him and assured them that for that singular reason he will chest out to ensure that this year’s competition records a huge success.

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