Why pastor’s wife withdraw daughter from marriage after six months

Wife of a senior pastor of a popular Pentecostal Church (names withheld) has deliberately broken her daughter’s marriage to a struggling young man just six months after their wedding.

Impeccable sources who had witnessed the solemnisation and fabulous reception of the said wedding in one of the Church’s branches somewhere along Isheri-LASU road towards the outskirts of Alimosho Local Government in Lagos all confirmed on anonymity that indeed, the pastor’s wife (bride’s mother) went to the new couple’s residence in Dopemu and took her daughter back home in church’s car allotted for official use of the pastor’s domiciled vicarage.

According to background information as offered by close associates of the vicar’s family, the estranged new wife while still in courtship, had warned her fiance that she would not live with him in one of his father’s buildings for more than six months after their wedding.


Meanwhile, the young man, we gathered, had been residing in a two-bedroom flat allotted to him by his father in one of his residential houses preparatory to the son’s wedding.

The pastor’s daughter and now former wife of the struggling young man was said not to have been unimpressed by the fact that she and her husband had the flat to themselves but rather insisted that as long as they had to remain in the building, there could be no deal as far as she was concerned.

So, on the clock of six months recently, her mother who was suspected to have responded to her daughter’s invitation, brisked in and whisked her daughter off while the young husband was away at work.

A curious probe by our correspondent revealed that the senior pastor who currently ranks as a Council member of the highly Scottish-indoctrinated Church has always been it too difficult to say no to any wish of his wife and mother of six on any issue.

Meanwhile, the latest checks confirmed that the lady is now nursing a baby for another ‘husband’ even without an official divorce with the estranged dowry-paying husband who we gathered is now seeking God’s face for the right wife once again.

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