Learnfast Comprehensive Academy celebrates 20 years anniversary

………..as Olokor gives scholarship to 12 students

Overseer Omotite Olokor
Overseer Omotite Olokor

By Simeon Okworide

The October 4, 2019 will remain evergreen in the minds of Learnfast students, management, staff and entire Ilemba Hausa Community in Ajangbadi area, Ojo local government area of Lagos state as the day Learnfast Comprehensive Academy clocked 20 years with flamboyant and befitting activities to mark this historical day.
Maxwell Street, where the school is located was beehives of activities as the grand-finale of the 20th anniversary of Learnfast Comprehensive Academy was held to the admiration of the entire community.
In his welcome address, the proprietor of the school, overseer Andrew Omotite Olokor, while giving a brief history of the school, he had noted that Learnfast children school was established on 7 September 1991 and on the 18 April 1995, an idea to establish the secondary arm of the school came up and on the 4 October 1999, Learnfast Comprehensive Academy was formally opened to commence operations after wide consultations and deliberations on the idea.

The 12 students who got the tuition fee scholarship with their parents in a group photograph with the VP (1st R) Mrs Ijeoma on 4th October 2019
The 12 students who got the tuition fee scholarship with their parents in a group photograph with the VP (1st R) Mrs Ijeoma on 4th October 2019

Overseer Olokor, further narrated that inspite of some hiccups, the school got WAEC approval as a centre to write the senior school certificate examination in 2007, while it also got NECO approval as a centre to write NECO senior school certificate examination in 2008, noting that he remained grateful to God almighty for the success and sustenance of the school and for doing very well in WAEC and NECO senior school certificate examination respectively since inspection and approval.
While using the medium to appreciate Abbey Building Society, the mortgage bank that loaned them money to develop the school infrastructure, with joy in his “HEART” he happily announced “Tuition fee scholarship to 12 students as part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the school. The scholarship was split among the JSS and SSS.
The beneficiaries of the scholarship include:
JSS 1: Obodechi Chinaza, Okafor Chioma and Okoye Emeka
JSS 2: Okoronkwo Juliet, Semiu Islamiyat and Ezeonyema Cynthia
SSS 1: Okoli Hevleon, Bajulaiye Khadijat and Okanandu Favour
SSS 2: Alphosius Gamalel, Yusuf Shile Habeeb and Godspower Blessing.
Furthermore, he advised the children to be obedient and respectful to their parents, stressing that, if a child curses his/her parent, his/her life will end up like a lamp that goes out in the dark.
The chairman of the occasion, Professor Ajiri Egbo, in his opening remark, he emphasis much on the importance of education and defined education as light, because according to him, light signified progress and development and there is need to identify with it today.
“Today is a memorable day in the history of this school. There is need for us present here today to support the effort of the founder of this school so as to ensure that the “light” overseer Olokor has been able to provide through God must continue”, he noted.
Activities carried out include:

Mosque Visit
However, in accordance to the lined up activities to mark the 20 years anniversary, the school had visited the Ilemba Hausa Community Central Mosque on the 27 September 2019 with the Muslim students to thank and appreciate Allah, the merciful God for his mercies and guidance during the period under review. It was during this visit, the Chief Imam of the Mosque had noted that he never knew that Learnfast Comprehensive Academy offers admission to Muslim children because he had always thought the school to be a Christian school and after offering prayers for the entire school, he used the medium to encourage Muslim parents and guidance to continue to send their children and wards to Learnfast Academy

Church Visit
On the 29 September 2019, the school also visited the Apostolic Church Nigeria at Oniba assembly to appreciate and thank God almighty for making this historical day a reality.
At the church, while giving a testimony the founder and proprietor of Learnfast Comprehensive Academy, Overseer Andrew Omotite Olokor had noted that people will not know what he knows about the school because he is the owner. “You will not know what I know because I am the owner of the school”.
He stated that the journey started in September 7th 1991, the year he established Learnfast children school and in 1995 an idea to establish a secondary arm of the school occurred to him and the idea became a reality on the 4th October 1999 and named the secondary school “Learnfast Comprehensive Academy”. But testifying further, he said 6 years after the establishment of the secondary arm, precisely in 2005, the school population was not growing and in view of that frustration, he had wanted the school to die, but, fortunately a servant of God visited him and gave him a message, asking him to invite seven pastors from the “Apostolic Church Nigeria” to pray for him and the school.
While still testifying to the glory of God, he said, he did what he was instructed to do in accordance to the message and the seven pastors invited arrived on the day set aside for the programme and at 12 midnight, a prayer session was held and all evils planted to frustrate the development and progress of the school were casted away and since then, the school has improved and progressed the way it should be, noting that the decision to celebrate the 20 years anniversary is not out of place because he observed that there is need to appreciate and thank God almighty for his kindness hospitality displayed towards the school.

Prayer session
And on the 30th September 2019, a prayer session was held in honour of the celebration at the school premises where songs of praises were sang and prayers were offered for the development and progress of the school.
Pastor Emmanuel Akinyode who anchored the prayer session, tagged the day message: “Arise and Shine” urging the students to be faithful to God and be respectful to their parents and elders, stressing that once they are obedience to the word of God and follows the instructions of their parents in a Godly way, the glory of God will always shine on them. He asked them to read Isaiah 60:1-2 and proverb 20:20 and see what the creator said about children who honours their parents and practiced the word of God.
While on the 3rd October, the entire school paraded the entire nooks and crannies of Ilemba Hausa Community to showcase the Glory of God upon them to the admiration of on-lookers.

Cultural display by the students of the school
Cultural display by the students of the school
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