80 Per Cent Of Churches In Nigeria Are Fake – Popular Warri-based Pastor, Alfred Tseye-Okotie

The General Overseer of Hilltop Believers Assembly Nigeria, Incorporated in Warri, Delta State, Apostle (Dr.) Alfred Jephson Tseye-Okotie, on Sunday, said 80 per cent of churches in Nigeria are fake.

The cleric made the assertion during the Mighty Warrior International Conference 2019 tagged: Upon mount Zion. Theme of the event is, “God will do a new thing.”

Apostle Tseye-Okotie said, “It is only in Nigeria you see over five pastors using the same woman to stage the same miracles.


“It is only in this country that you fake a miracle and nobody will arrest you. Go to France, you will prove it.

“Yahoo boys, ritualists now pay tithes in the church. Pastors are so blindfolded by prosperity.”

Apostle Tseye-Okotie also said Nigerians, especially Christians must wake up from their slumbers and learn to do things the right way.

“We need to change the way we think about Nigeria. Nigerians don’t love Nigeria. Nigerians don’t love Nigerians.”

Apostle Tseye-Okotie said citizens need to be begin to see themselves as part of the nation otherwise, nothing will work.

“If an American citizen gets lost, the whole of America will go and look for that one person. Let one Nigerian be in crisis, nobody gives a damn about you.”

He said Nigeria as presently constituted is divided along tribal, ethnic, religious and cult lines.

He warned that a country divided cannot make any progress.

Apostle Tseye-Okotie pointed out that politicians seeking for elective offices do so based on religious, ethnic/tribal grounds without reeling out their manifestoes to the people.

“Nigerians are the most religious in Africa. The biggest churches are in Nigeria, yet, we are so poor. Nigeria is now the capital of poverty. UN report says Nigeria is the world’s capital of poverty with all the wealth. Poverty has eaten deep into this country.”

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